Maintenance methods of plastic extruder

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Talking about the maintenance methods of plastic extruder

1. The plastic extruder equipment [2] should be placed in the ventilation position, improve the impact strength value, ensure the heat dissipation of the motor and prolong its service life; The machine should be well grounded

2. Check the tool screws regularly. After the new machine is used for 1 hour, fasten the screws of moving and fixed tools with tools to strengthen the fixation between the blade and the tool holder; The bearing shall be filled with lubricating oil regularly to ensure the lubricity between bearings; In order to ensure the sharpness of the cutting edge, the cutting tool should be checked frequently to ensure its sharpness and reduce unnecessary damage to other parts caused by blunt blade; Regularly check whether the belt is loose and tighten it in time

3. Before restarting for the second time, remove the remaining debris in the machine room to reduce the starting resistance. As a traditional API manufacturer, should the inertia cover and pulley cover be opened regularly to remove the ash outlet under the flange? Due to the crushing of new flame retardant materials, the ignition speed inside the cabin is slower, and the powder discharged from the machine room enters the rotating shaft bearing

4. When changing parts and tools, the clearance between moving tool and fixed tool: 0.8mm for crushers above 20HP and 0.5mm for crushers below 20HP. The thinner the recycled material is, the larger the gap can be appropriately adjusted

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