Maintenance of air pump of win3445np offset press

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Maintenance of air pump of win3445np offset press

whether the air pump of offset press works normally is directly related to whether the machine can feed and work normally. Therefore, the maintenance of air pump is very important, and the following points should be paid attention to

1. Dust prevention of air pump

when the air pump works, its speed needs to be controlled by inputting data on the microcomputer software. The environment is dusty and high temperature, which is easy to generate static electricity and adsorb dust. Moreover, it is under the paper bridge. When working, the paper dust is easier to fall to the surface of the air pump. Therefore, it is best to put a cover over the air pump, but be careful not to surround the air pump body, so as not to hinder the heat dissipation of the air pump

2. Cleaning of air pump

cleaning of air pump shall be carried out according to the instructions and shall not violate regulations. First remove the two plastic bottles, unscrew the suction and blowing filters, and clean them with kerosene (note that gasoline is not available, because organic plastics will slightly dissolve in contact with gasoline). Then turn on the air pump switch, cover the suction port with the cotton wool soaked in kerosene, and suck the kerosene into the pump with the help of the suction force of the air pump. Repeat this several times until the kerosene at the air outlet is basically the same color as the inhaled kerosene (Note: first, prevent the cotton wool from being sucked into the air pump, and second, do not use flammable and volatile substances such as gasoline and blanket cleaning agent, so as to prevent the high temperature caused by the friction between the blade and the inner wall during cleaning)

3. Lubrication of air pump

the oil cup of air pump should be filled and changed frequently, usually once a week and once a quarter. In order to avoid the entry of sundries, when changing the oil, pay attention not to break the wool connecting the cup cover and the air pump port. The oil is sucked into the pump through this wool. If it is broken accidentally, it must be replaced in time, otherwise the air pump will be seriously worn out due to lack of oil for a long time and working at high temperature, and finally cannot work

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