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Zoomlion English Association "e lecture" Lugu Industrial Park opened

Zoomlion English Association "e lecture" Lugu Industrial Park opened

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on July 18, the first phase of Zoomlion English Association "e lecture" was held in Lugu Industrial Park as scheduled, attracting English lovers from all over the company

with the theme of "Brazilian culture", Chen Xiaoyan, the operation director of the Brazilian subsidiary of concrete machinery company, was invited as the keynote speaker

the lecturer introduced the history and culture of Brazil and the relevant situation of Zoomlion Brasi subsidiary to the audience, which greatly enriched the employees' understanding of Brazil and even the whole South American countries, and stimulated everyone's longing and desire for overseas work and life

in the subsequent Q & a interactive session, the audience put forward a series of questions according to their own interests and future development. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a large manufacturer of experimental machines. The lecturer answered them patiently one by one

through this lecture, employees have broadened their horizons, enriched their knowledge and stimulated their longing for overseas work and life. After the activity, we still have more to say, and expressed our affirmation of the activity that the shape of 3.2.1 brick is a right angle hexahedron and our expectation for the next "e lecture hall"

it is reported that the "e lecture hall" of Zoomlion is a lecture learning activity brand created by Zoomlion Heavy science English Association to introduce overseas work, life, customs, culture and international etiquette in response to the company's globalization strategy. Once a month, domestic and foreign friends with overseas experience inside and outside the company will be invited to interact with you in each issue, so that employees with overseas work intention can know more about overseas work

the electronic universal experimental machine has software and hardware


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