LED automobile lighting penetration rate increases

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The penetration rate of LED vehicle lighting has increased, and Lunda has strengthened the layout of the front loading market

in 2018, European and American international car manufacturers have equipped the automatic on-line running light function as standard for new vehicles to reduce the accident rate. However, the trend of lamps towards LED has become a major trend. In addition, the active steering headlights (AFS) and automatic adjustment headlights (ADB) in the advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) have successively introduced led, Therefore, it also drives the penetration of LED lamps in vehicles

according to the latest "2019 global automotive LED regional market analysis report - passenger cars and logistics vehicles" released by trendforce led research, although the instability of the global economic situation continues in 2019, new energy vehicles still show a rapid growth trend and will continue to be the main driving force for the growth of vehicle sales in the future

Lin Zhengxian, an industry analyst at the Optoelectronics Association, believes that the strongest growth force in 2020 is the headlights, fog lights and brake lights in the aftermarket (AM). Lin Zhengxian further believes that the lamp maintenance market will drive users' willingness to replace LED headlights under the unified specification of product size, connector and traditional light source

Londa electronics has also made remarkable research and development achievements in the layout of the automotive LED front loading market in recent years. Last year, 240 LED matrix light source modules were exposed for the first time at the Shanghai International lamp exhibition. Combined with optical lens lamps and CCD lenses, it can detect the directional vehicle and dynamically adjust the illumination area of the headlamp, becoming the light source of the ADB (adaptive driving beam) intelligent headlamp system, In mini Le space cotton, it is also called metal cotton or aerospace cotton. Therefore, our Jinan experimental machine factory can also become a metal cotton tensile testing machine or aerospace cotton tensile testing machine D vehicle product. I-mini RGB LED module is introduced to be applied to instrument panel display and tail light. Lin Zhengxian pointed out that Longda actively laid out the w full-automatic double number display spring tension and compression testing machine in the front loading market, launched various integrated photoelectric modules with the American Cree strategic alliance, and passed the certification of mainland car manufacturers. Last year, Longda also cooperated with Taiwan lamp manufacturers to provide painted line lamps and tail lamps. Lin Zhengxian said that Longda's total revenue in 2019 was NT $9 billion, which was 18% lower than that of last year, but the proportion of automotive LED in the overall business increased by 2% last year, with a revenue of about NT $300 million

at present, the penetration rate of OLED headlights in global car manufacturers is less than 15%. In addition, the introduction of LED lighting in the fields of interior lighting (reading lights), exterior direction lights, fog lights, tail lights and so on will be very optimistic about the long-term development of LED lighting in vehicles. However, due to the relatively closed automobile supply chain, long-term technical and product verification is required, and it takes about 5 years of hard work to have the opportunity to enter, with a relatively high threshold. However, as long as you enter the automobile factory supply chain, the cooperative relationship will last for more than 10 years. 201 rubber and plastic materials and other innovative materials have been used and developed rapidly in the industrial field. In the past eight years, one Taiwan factory has ranked among the top ten in the global automotive LED revenue. It is widely said that Lunda is expected to successfully enter the Japanese and Korean automotive factories this year, so as to drive the growth of automotive LED revenue this year and successfully rank among the top ten in the world. It will continue to be observed in the future

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