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Practicing "standardization +" is also crucial in the plate industry, especially in the current increasingly fierce market competition and frequent price wars. Only by abiding by industry standards and strictly abiding by "standardization +" can we be able to surpass other competitors. The craftsman of fine materials believes that: the development is endless, abide by the standards, exceed the standards, and the plate brand will be better and better

"standardization +" has important practical significance for plate brands.

in the development process of socialist market economy, "standardization +" has important practical significance for plate brands. It is a guiding light for enterprise development and leads the business direction of enterprises. It is mainly reflected in four points:

first, "standardization +" can regulate the production activities and market behavior of plate brands, promote their establishment of the best order, promote the mutual coordination and cooperation of cabinet products in technology, make all production departments and production links within the enterprise organically linked, and ensure the orderly production

second, "standardization +" has realized the scientific management within the plate brand, greatly improved its work efficiency, and provided hardware preparation for the expansion of the enterprise

III. The purpose of making a brand is to find consumers and develop the market. Standardization not only makes it possible for them to expand production scale and meet market demand, but also creates conditions for implementing after-sales service and expanding competition

IV. standardization is conducive to stabilizing and improving the quality of products and services, promoting the plate brand to take the path of quality and benefit development, enhancing the quality of enterprises and improving the competitiveness of enterprises

"what I want is what I want, and what I want is what I want is what I want". The Chinese board brand fine craftsman advocates practicing "standardization +", which can not only enable the enterprise brand to obtain a stronger brand influence, but also get more market profits

how do plate enterprises measure their practice of "standardization +"

as we all know, the plate industry is a member of China's traditional manufacturing industry, and its coverage has penetrated into all aspects of people's lives. Such a magnificent development trend requires unified standards to establish and standardize a healthy and good order, so as to promote benign competition among enterprises and protect the basic interests of consumers

how to practice "standardization +" in the end

first of all, environmental standards should always be kept in mind. This era is the world of environmental protection products. Only by improving the level of environmental protection and strictly abiding by environmental protection standards can plate brands hold the throat of the era

secondly, quality standards must not be forgotten. Nowadays, many enterprises are giving up quality for the sake of profit, but this is by no means the state in which enterprises can develop in the long run. No matter when and where, respecting ourselves and adhering to high quality is the only way out for the plate brand

finally, there is no best, only better, beyond the standard, can we obtain higher value. Standards are not unchanging. Plate brands should dare to explore, constantly improve themselves, achieve higher standards, and be far ahead of other enterprises in the industry in order to always stand at the peak of the market

net aldehyde attack, healthier home decoration

refined wood craftsman net aldehyde ecological board is a functional board that can remove aldehyde and resist bacteria. On the basis of meeting the E0 standard, using the patented aldehyde antibacterial technology developed by CEIBS, nano silicon titanium self-cleaning agent is implanted into the surface of impregnated paper, so that it has the function of absorbing and decomposing free formaldehyde in the indoor air and has the function of antibacterial

fine craftsman ecological board strictly controls the product safety standards, and introduces E0 ecological board with formaldehyde emission really less than 0.5mg/l to ensure the safety of decoration

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