The small kitchen also has spring to bid farewell

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No matter how small the house type is, it can't be without a kitchen, especially for friends who like to cook, the kitchen must not make do with it. As long as it is carefully designed, you can also turn into a large space in a small kitchen, so that you can enjoy a quality life

1. Spatial layout

in terms of kitchen structural layout, we should be able to take into account the placement of kitchen utensils, removal of partitions, Feng Shui considerations and many other aspects. At the same time, according to the principle of ergonomics, provide scientific kitchen work dynamic line planning, and reasonably arrange the function, orientation and size of kitchen appliances

the first requirement of kitchen is practicality. Open kitchen is a good choice for small houses, which can maximize space saving

2. Maintain space permeability

the crowded kitchen is mostly due to the unreasonable design. The kitchen is originally small. If there are all kinds of storage cabinets up and down, the space will be crowded and thick

3. Maintain space permeability

when decorating, we should pay attention to the coherence and echo relationship between the kitchen and other spaces. We can also adopt the mixed kitchen style design, emphasizing the differential interaction between the kitchen space and other home spaces from the aspects of function, color, material, shape, accessories and other elements

4. Purchase storage artifact

compared with the traditional hanging cabinet, the use of lifting basket makes storage more convenient and space utilization higher

bowls and baskets, located under the stove, store commonly used utensils, which can be taken and placed by reaching out, which not only keeps the table clean, but also frees the tableware from the invasion of lampblack

5. Use open storage as visual decoration

use the wall. Ordinary pots and pans can also become a scenic spot after careful placement

clapboard shelves and perforated plates are very suitable for open storage, but for small family kitchens, the key to this external storage space is to simplify and decorate it




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