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On December 28, Metz Lanzhi curtain will join hands with nature floor and meet with nature Nanjing storage center in Jiangsu Province to hold a year-end ceremony (Nanjing Station) for thousands of people. The real super shock is about to break out

only once a year, that's all! It's my fault that I didn't inform you. It's your loss if you don't go

if you are considering buying curtains, if you are busy running around to buy curtains, please wait...

on December 28, meitushi Lanzhi curtains will join hands with nature floor, meet with nature in Nanjing storage center, Jiangsu Province, and hold a year-end ceremony (Nanjing Station) for thousands of people, and the real super shock is about to break out!! After 11.11 and 12.12, it once again brings consumers a gluttonous feast of low price and high quality

at that time, meitux Lanzhi curtain will give back to the majority of Nanjing consumers with the ultimate big profit at the end of the year. There are surprise links such as the explosion price of Lanzhi curtain of 1 yuan/meter, a voucher of 500 yuan, buying curtains and smashing golden eggs...... Let you spend the least money to buy the best curtains

it's better to act now than to make an appointment quickly! Activity hotline: 025-58507699 or 15905173377

[address of Nanjing flagship store of Metz Lanzhi curtain] fd013, ground floor, Shilin home Plaza, No. 1 Zhonghe bridge, Qinhuai District, Nanjing




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