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On the fifth day of the design journey across the world, a group of students came to the design studio of Japanese top cross-border designer akishi Shimura to interpret the design philosophy of this versatile product designer

when we have a deep understanding of Japan's design industry, we will find that Japan, with a small land and a large population and a high level of social development, is actually under great pressure for designers to survive. Therefore, some insiders said with a smile that Japanese designers usually seek their own development by "saving the country with curves" or "cross-border versatile talents". The former returned to Japan to have a place after becoming famous by participating in foreign projects; The latter is an all rounder designer who can learn by analogy and form a strong ability of integrated design. On the fifth day of the design journey across the world, a group of students came to the design studio of Japanese top cross-border designer akishi Shimura to interpret the design philosophy of this versatile product designer

(Casaro world Japan station: Japanese cross-border designer akishi Shimura)

was nurtured by handicrafts from childhood

born in Takagi Prefecture, Japan, akishi Shimura was nurtured by Japanese traditional handicrafts from childhood. His grandfather was a craftsman of traditional Japanese clogs, while his mother worked in kimono related work. From small to large, Shimura Zhuoshi's hands-on ability is very strong, and he can make carvings and interesting small objects by himself. However, in his career as a student, akishi Shimura once studied art and painting in Tokyo. Through systematic art training, akishi Shimura formed a professional quality of beauty, material and color. Shimura Zhuoshi frankly said that at present, he enjoys being a product designer, because when the product is made, there are sales, some people like it, and feel very happy and satisfied. Compared with artists, oneortwo paintings are difficult to get such clear market feedback

from cars to perfumes, there are no restrictions in the field of design.

when students from Casaro came to the studio of Shimura Zhuoshi, everyone was deeply attracted by the various products he designed. Movable wooden houses, handbags, calculators, Bento boxes, fruit trays, lampshades, aromatherapy diffusers... Shimura Zhuoshi once worked as an automobile designer in Subaru for many years. Since then, he has accumulated a certain amount of engineering theory and application knowledge, which greatly broadened the scope of his later design and the freedom of design realization. For example, he designed a coffee bean grinder, which looks ordinary in appearance. In fact, he has studied the grinding gear for three years, just because he pursues that this grinder can adapt to different sizes and varieties of coffee beans, so that the beans can be ground more evenly. Sometimes, to make the product realize a certain function or shape, we will make corresponding machinery or tools by ourselves when necessary, so as to make the product more original, because the production tools are designed by ourselves

(Casaro world Japan station: the bento box with light effect designed by Takeshi Shimura)

in terms of design concept, Takeshi Shimura believes that all kinds of products in the market have been saturated and surplus. As a designer, he pays more attention to the sustainability of materials and environmental protection. Therefore, he will associate the unsalable wooden pallets and make them into wooden handbags; The remaining waste from the ceramic production line is made into ceramic incense dispensers, and pallets are made of packaging paper tapes. It is believed that this is also due to the Japanese designers' awareness and sense of responsibility for the protection of the environment and resources

(Casaro world Japan station: Shimura Zhuoshi designed bento box with light effect)

(Casaro world Japan station: Shimura Zhuoshi designed wooden handbag)

(Casaro world Japan station: Shimura Zhuoshi designed ceramic incense dispenser)

(Casaro world Japan station: Shimura Zhuoshi designed fruit tray with practical packaging paper tape)

(Casaro world Japan station: paper incense dispenser designed by Shimura Zhuoshi)

participate in the whole process of product life

unlike ordinary designers who work hard behind the scenes, Shimura Zhuoshi often takes products to exhibitions and activities with cooperative brands. Because he believes that this can directly communicate with consumers or buyers to obtain more accurate market feedback, so as to give him the inspiration to improve the design. He believes that the designer's communication ability is very important, and he also enjoys the pleasure of personally introducing the design, so that the public can better understand the design concept of the product, and let the product convey a richer connotation

in addition to participating in market promotion, Shimura Zhuoshi began to participate in the project from the beginning of the product concept and even before the formation of the brand. He will continue to collect inspiration from the design concept, materials and brand stories, and even participate in the creation of brand stories from the selection of materials required for design and the investigation of origin. Shimura Zhuoshi admitted that he is not only a product designer, but also does some graphic work such as web design or packaging design. When the communication with the brand continues to deepen, we will get more opportunities for design projects. In these projects, he will become a coordinator, organize teams for different projects, participate in research, solve problems, make decisions, and promote projects

from painstakingly drawing automobile design drawings in the office, to participating in product selection and beginning to understand the significance of design, and then to participating in brand construction and terminal promotion, Shimura's growth path makes us feel the formation process of cross-border designer design thinking. It is not limited to the profession in hand, but with a sense of responsibility and mission to observe, study, communicate and solve problems, so that the design can be sublimated, and also make the design break through the design itself. This is Shimura Zhuoshi, which brings us an understanding of the meaning of design

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