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When signing a standard home decoration contract, due to the numerous and miscellaneous terms, there are not only many professional contents related to decoration, but also many legal contents. If you don't pay attention to it a little, you will fall into a trap. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the following aspects, which are prone to disputes

trap 1: deliberately add decoration items

some designers deliberately add decoration items in the design. Add a beam where there is no need to make a beam, and the ceiling is necessary where there is no need for a ceiling. In this way, the decoration quotation will be much higher, and the Commission of designers will also increase a lot

to deal with this trap, consumers must be clear about their housing needs. If there is a project with high cost and little practical value in the design, you must adhere to your own requirements

trap 2: give up low and get high kickbacks

some building materials manufacturers and designers have privately agreed that as long as the designers use their materials in the design, the building materials manufacturers will finally give kickbacks to the designers. So designers deliberately use these rebate materials when designing. Even if there are other decorative materials with cheaper prices and better decorative effects, designers will not use them in the design, which will cause consumers to waste money

to deal with this trap, you need to have a general understanding of the current decorative material market. You must have a clear idea of what materials are suitable for your new house and the approximate market retail price of such materials

trap 3: falsely report the area and increase the budget

if consumers adhere to their own ideas in the design, delete redundant designs, and choose cheaper materials, designers still have ways to increase the budget. That is, during the measurement, deliberately overstate or falsely report, and increase the quantities. For example, if the area of doors and windows is not deducted, or the length and width of the wall are increased, the decoration budget will increase

if this kind of problem occurs, and you are not very clear about the actual amount of the project, you can note in the contract that the decoration fee is calculated based on the actual amount, with more refunds and less compensation. In this way, you can carefully measure the actual area of the project again when the project is accepted, and pay the project payment based on this data




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