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Packaging makes candy in harmony

candy and dim sum suppliers meet changing consumption habits by putting one-piece, small and independently packaged products into the market. The industry is developing rapidly. When consumers want to satisfy their appetites between meals or use snacks to satisfy their hunger, they will choose these pocket candies. A close look at these pocket candies will prove once again that product innovation in the luxury industry is usually packaging innovation. Mini products are always smaller and smaller, and use special packaging, which often determines the market of products. On the one hand, the packaging has clearly distinguished the pocket type from other similar products. The important thing is that it can be eaten in an active state; On the other hand, this difference should not be too big. After all, pocket products benefit from the brand image of their original products. Most importantly, small packages should not only be edible during activities, but also provide convenience for consumers. Consumers certainly do not want to open these mini packages to get food by tearing, biting, pulling, etc

an example is a chocolate product in Switzerland, which focuses on "eating while walking", highlighting the convenience and uniqueness of the product. This product is a typical 100g slice of chocolate, but it is not a whole piece, but a round bar divided into eight portions. The product is packed in an independent package that can be opened by pulling. As an outer package, the carton looks a bit like a cigarette packaging box, which is convenient, strong and easy to open and close. This box type packaging clearly conveys that it contains food that can be eaten "on the road", and the exclusive color and trademark of the brand clearly indicate the manufacturer of the product

the development trend of miniaturization of packaging has not spared the famous candy brands such as Gummi Bears, which recently launched new mini packaging. The pocket flat cuboid plastic bag replaced the tetrahedral bag in 2012, accounting for 29% of the global market. Under the condition that the packaging material and capacity have not changed, the new packaging becomes stronger and more "spectacular" when opened: simply press the bag with one hand quickly and forcefully, and it will pop at the seams

chocolate sandwich biscuits are another classic candy and dessert product, which are usually rolled into a barrel for retail. Now this product can also be supplied in portable form. The two sandwich biscuits sealed in a rectangular bag can be used as snacks between meals and on the way. Eight small packages weighing 31 grams are placed in a folding carton, which can be placed in a pocket or schoolbag

however, consumers who have accepted the convenience food in one mouthful between meals are now happy to enjoy leisure and luxury, which means that they will deliberately "indulge" themselves to enjoy independently packaged chocolate and candy made in a professional bakery. The mini candy industry believes that packaging is the trump card of industry innovation. For example: the packaging of the independently packaged chocolate with a little wild poppy seeds as additives should be reminiscent of poppy flowers. This box with a reversible octagonal lid vividly imitates the shape of poppy flowers. The classification and equipment parameters of the wood-based panel universal testing machine the wood-based panel testing machine is also known as the wood testing machine. When the box cover is opened, the side baffle of the box is slightly bent outward, and the whole looks like a bunch of poppy flowers. The 15 chocolates in the box look like red flowers. They are respectively packed with poppy red film in a certain way to make them look like petals. Another special feature of the product is that the unpacked chocolate looks like a poppy seed capsule

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in this way, it is no accident that the shape of an elegant small handbag is selected as a new package of another kind of chocolate. This circular folding carton with independently packaged chocolate is aimed at the target group who love sweets. Printed in six colors and elaborately made of gold embossed relief painted with two layers of varnish, this package shows a high-end temperament. This kind of packaging skillfully combines the development trends of two candy products that can be eaten "on the road" and "entertain yourself"

on the other hand, raw materials can provide space for packaging innovation. Transparent and translucent plastic packaging popular in the past twoorthree years is the most suitable for products used for "entertaining ourselves". This is the reason why 16 kinds of "only melt in the mouth" chocolates under the "Femina" brand are packaged in translucent pet boxes. This rectangular box features a slightly inclined box wall and multi-color printing. The product is placed in two transparent and long pet pallets. Even each dividing layer is composed of deep and long transparent PET. The compound composed of transparent and translucent PET materials and the blue printed pattern allow us to directly see the bottom of the box. This kind of packaging looks very mysterious. It is mainly aimed at female target groups. The unusual design and pure blue shadow are pleasing to the eye

not only individual chocolate manufacturers, but also biscuit marketers began to pay attention to the target group of "treat yourself well". The professional bakery called Petit flight is mainly engaged in the innovation of new products and packaging. First, the environmental friendly ink mouth biscuits are smaller than all similar products. In terms of convenience and product display, the folding carton with plastic tray sealed with transparent film has obvious advantages over conventional biscuit packaging. The feature of this kind of package is that it has an easy to open and close box cover that can be lifted. Due to the large opening, the food inside looks very attractive and convenient to use. The film can be easily disassembled by placing a label in one of the four corners of the box. The film is a kind of pet/pe composite material deposited by silicon oxide steam. It is joined along the edge of the box by laser, so as long as the label is removed, the whole box can be opened

advanced packaging technology promotes the development of packaging forms

smaller and smaller independent packaging forms are welcomed by consumers, and candy manufacturers' careful consideration of the market has obviously paid off. The idea of independent packaging put forward by developers and market operation experts can only be implemented when the cost can be borne. Without the flexibility of modern packaging machinery and the possibility of safe and rapid movement of candy food, economic and practical folding independent packaging is not feasible

the uploading machine and the picking and placing packaging robot played an important role in the whole packaging process. The latter appeared in the mid-1980s. The reason for the success of the pick and place robot is that it enables manufacturers to pack delicate products at one time. For a long time, there was no other choice except manual packaging

the new generation of robots is very different from the first generation of pick-up and placement machines. Today's robots place products on vertical or flat continuous conveyor belts. Packaging raw materials, such as standard pallets or cartons, are fed into the machine by the left and right conveyor belts. The running speed is synchronized with the quantity of products and is fully automatically controlled

the suspension device of the pick and place robot can be used to adjust the size of the occupied space and the processing speed. Usually, this suspension device is fixed in a structural frame, which is called a unit. The robot suspension module is an alternative to the robot unit. It includes a cylinder containing control elements and a supply line connected to the cylinder with two additional support arms. Due to the gantry structure, the robot suspension system only occupies a small space. Therefore, it can be easily integrated with the existing or new packaging production line in a small space. In addition, the components on all robots are easy to disassemble. The robot suspension system is made of a special mineral material, and its sound insulation capacity is 15 times that of iron. This is why the vibration of the fast-moving pick-up and release robot is difficult to affect the processing speed of the suspended structure

the robot module with six axis can improve the flexibility of the pick-up and release mechanical production line, which means that these mechanical equipment can move in all directions, and even realize some additional functions, such as simple automatic tool conversion

in the candy packaging industry, the uploading mechanism plays an increasingly important role. It is based on robot technology and has more functions than general pure pick-up and release robot equipment. The uploading loading device does not pick up the goods individually, but puts them into the packaging materials after picking them up in batches. The uploading loading device can also handle the folding packaging according to the design requirements. This concept, which was considered as having no future by British researchers in the 1960s, played an important role in the introduction of the original standard machine three years ago. The packaging machinery using the uploading loading device of robot technology has high flexibility. A large number of packaging tasks can be completed by simply exchanging the gripper units and adjusting the control software

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