The most popular packaging machinery in China II

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China's packaging machinery (II)

opportunities are rare and challenges are severe. First of all, although the national macro-control has basically reached the target, the funds are still tight. It has become an obvious buyer's market. For users, they will be cautious when purchasing equipment, and will be particularly picky about the price, performance, quality and service of products. In the near future, our production plants will not feel too relaxed in terms of working capital and loans for technical transformation expenses

secondly, the team of the packaging machinery industry is still expanding. Due to the depression of many machinery factories, the increasing number of packaging machinery changing production and concurrently producing packaging machinery, and the fierce market share competition, the situation is not very optimistic. At present, it is difficult for these packaging machinery factories to recover their sales

in addition to the competition among domestic peers, the entry of foreign enterprises is another huge pressure. In 1995, the gross domestic product of packaging machinery was roughly equivalent to the import volume. In 1996, the increase of import volume exceeded the increase of GDP, which may indicate another import upsurge since the import upsurge in the 1980s. The imported packaging machinery has high technical level and good performance. Even though it is at the same level as the domestic packaging machinery in technology, its quality and reliability are still better than the domestic products. When users choose equipment, they often give priority to imported equipment, especially large and key equipment, as long as funds allow. Once China's entry into the WTO is successful, the price of imported equipment will be 20 The price gap of domestic equipment for standard sieves will be narrowed, and the import volume of packaging machinery will increase

2 revitalization target

total development target

1) annual growth rate: the annual average growth rate of industrial output value is 18%

2) total industrial output value: by 2010, the annual total industrial output value of the packaging machinery industry will be 60billion yuan, the total profit and tax will be 7billion yuan, and the total labor productivity will be 200000 yuan/person per year

3) product variety and level: by 2010, the number of product varieties will reach more than 1500, and 20% of the products should be close to the international advanced level at that time

4) enterprise organizational structure and economies of scale: by 2010, there will be 5 enterprises with sales exceeding 2billion yuan, 10 enterprises with sales exceeding 1billion yuan and 20 enterprises with sales exceeding 500million yuan. In several varieties, it has formed a representative leading star enterprise and famous brand products, and has a certain share in the international market

development objectives of key products

1) complete sets of equipment for corrugated board production, box making and printing

develop series of complete sets of equipment. Focus on the development of corrugated board production equipment with a width of more than 2000mm, 5-layer, 7-layer, 9-layer and high strength of various specifications, as well as complete sets of equipment for making boxes (boxes) in various forms and specifications, so as to stop the operation of the machine and multi-functional equipment with moisture-proof, printing, box making and other functions

2) develop environmental protection packaging machinery

develop production equipment for various small packaging paper bags and packaging equipment using paper base materials as packaging materials (containers) to meet the requirements of environmental protection

promote and improve the honeycomb panel manufacturing technology, and speed up the replacement of wood with paper in product packaging

the popularization and improvement of pulp mold manufacturing technology, and the expansion of application, such as the development of electronic product packaging, and the expansion of new fields

3) pharmaceutical packaging machinery and packaging materials

improve the level of domestic pharmaceutical packaging machinery, and accelerate the development of high-speed, automated, multi-functional packaging machinery and its supporting packaging materials that meet the health requirements of pharmaceutical packaging

4) complete equipment for beer and beverage filling technology (to be continued)

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