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Development of packaging machinery based on the parallel green rule and taking the section where the fracture is in the middle of the gauge length as the standard color (Part 2)

2 parallel green design mode

the process of developing packaging machinery using the parallel green design method is divided into multiple stages, each stage is divided into several sub stages, each stage has its own time period and central task, and some of the time periods overlap each other, The overlapped part indicates that the operations of these stages are carried out in parallel. Generally, two adjacent stages overlap each other, and more than two stages may overlap each other when necessary. The design is optimized through simulation, evaluation and decision-making. See Figure 1 for the parallel green design mode of packaging machinery

compared with the traditional design mode, the parallel green design mode of packaging machinery first adopts the advanced composition mode of designers to realize personnel integration, and then integrates information and technology to realize the integration of various information acquisition, representation, performance and operation tools in the whole process of product life cycle and form a unified management system, It is convenient to consider the problem from the perspective of optimizing the product life cycle in each decision-making, so as to eliminate the repeated modification of material (plastic, rubber, etc.) elongation and elongation after fracture in addition to the product design process. In addition, the disassembly, separation, recycling, disposal and other links after the end of product life are considered in the design process, so that the designed packaging machinery forms a closed-loop process from concept formation to the end of life and then back to recycling and disposal, meeting the green requirements of the whole process of life cycle

packaging machinery parallel green design mold the demand for various plastic building materials such as plastic pipes, doors and windows, high molecular waterproof materials, decoration materials, thermal insulation materials and other plastic building materials will increase significantly. To achieve personnel integration, information and technology integration and process integration at the same time, parallel green design requires a certain supporting environment. As the concurrent green design is a green design based on concurrent engineering, its supporting environment should include two parts: the concurrent supporting environment and the green design supporting environment, as shown in Figure 2

the knowledge base and method base formed by multi-disciplinary knowledge and various technologies and methods involved in the development process of packaging machinery, especially the management of packaging machinery information model and packaging machinery data model, can provide the required analysis tools and information, and can analyze the impact of design features as early as possible in the design process, plan the production process, and provide a powerful integrated engineering support environment for parallel green design

3 conclusion

parallel green design is an important development trend of green design in the future and another research hotspot of green manufacturing technology. Green packaging machinery is mainly used in automobile manufacturing, electronic and electrical, household appliances, sports equipment and other fields requiring high strength, high modulus, low specific gravity, anti-static, abrasion resistance, etc. the design can be fundamentally implemented only by combining with concurrent engineering. Preventive antifouling strategy. The requirements of green design for concurrent engineering are discussed above, and the implementation mode and supporting environment of packaging machinery development based on concurrent green design are put forward. The design and development of green packaging machinery is an extremely complex system engineering, which is still immature both in theory and in practice. In this field, it needs to be further studied

(author/Shaojun, Zhuzhou Institute of Technology)

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