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China's packaging machinery industry has entered the stage of rapid development and taken the road of innovation. The market demand for packaging machinery is expanding. In the face of China's steadily growing logistics and commodity scale, it is expected that it will usher in new packaging growth points. At the same time, more and more new enterprises began to pour into the packaging machinery industry

with the development of economic globalization, China's packaging machinery has gradually moved towards normalization and started to develop further step by step. Generally, it is similar to the temperature of the machine head. In recent years, the domestic packaging machinery industry has undergone earth shaking changes. The development and expansion of enterprises and the expansion of production demand all require the new packaging machinery to have the characteristics of high production efficiency, high degree of automation and more complete supporting equipment. In the future, the packaging machinery and equipment will also cooperate with the automation development trend of the industry and gradually improve the overall level of packaging machinery

in the past, most of China's packaging machinery and equipment were relatively backward in technology and poor in performance. It is not too much to use the words of single and simple function. Due to the lack of capital investment and the weak foundation, it is difficult to develop high-quality and good-quality equipment

however, in this era of rapid economic development and high efficiency, those outdated packaging equipment have long failed to meet the needs of enterprises and are destined to be eliminated by the times. We should pay more attention to the quality and technological innovation of packaging machinery and equipment, as well as the production efficiency and performance of products

in recent years, China's packaging machinery industry has improved the overall performance of packaging machinery and equipment from the perspective of quality and efficiency according to the current situation of backward domestic product efficiency, performance and technology. Among them, the most critical point is to introduce foreign advanced technology for our use, and create high-efficiency, high-quality and high-performance "three high" packaging equipment in China

innovation is the soul of an enterprise. In the packaging machinery industry, innovation is not only related to the survival and development of an enterprise, but also related to whether China's entire packaging machinery industry can compete with its foreign counterparts and whether it can gain a foothold in this rapidly developing society. Domestic packaging machinery enterprises should continue to adhere to the innovative way of stretching: maximum force, tensile strength, elongation at break and elastic modulus; To further promote and stabilize the development of China's packaging machinery industry

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