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Packaging machinery going abroad meets new challenges

packaging machinery going abroad meets new challenges. China's packaging machinery started late, so there is a big gap compared with foreign packaging machinery. However, in recent years, with the rapid development of packaging machinery, the average annual growth rate of China's packaging machinery market has reached 11.5%, which has replaced foreign packaging machinery in China's packaging industry market in terms of technology and performance. China's packaging machinery has been constantly innovating. It is impossible to obtain the maximum load Pb in automatic control and therefore the strength limit σ B. the quality of products has been continuously improved. Today's packaging machinery has steadily occupied the domestic packaging industry market. It will be a new market to go abroad and sell packaging machinery to foreign countries

at present, it also brings ecological savings opportunities: internal research shows that China's packaging machinery is developing rapidly and the competition is fierce. In order to have greater development, we must explore overseas markets and seek new development. Nowadays, China's packaging machinery has the ability to compete with foreign packaging machinery, and has strong competitiveness in the international packaging machinery market

although China's packaging machinery has lost in the starting line, it has caught up with the leading enterprises with the struggle to catch up. Going abroad, China's packaging machinery will usher in new opportunities, accompanied by new challenges. In order to develop steadily and occupy the foreign market, China's packaging machinery still needs continuous improvement. Develop new products, innovate in science and technology, abandon imitation, conduct independent research and development, and unite the strong with the strong

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