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China's packaging machinery industry is facing "internal and external troubles"

at the seminar "how China's packaging enterprises face the challenges and opportunities of joining WTO in 2001" recently held in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, Chinese packaging experts made predictions on the development trend of the industry and hoped that packaging machinery enterprises could take positive countermeasures

-- the technical content of packaging machinery is increasing day by day. The technical content of some packaging machinery products in China is not high, but many advanced technologies have been applied to packaging machinery abroad, such as remote control technology (including monitoring), stepping motor technology, automatic flexible compensation technology, exciting optical cutting technology, information processing technology, etc., which greatly improve the performance of products. Packaging enterprises should actively introduce these new technologies to improve domestic machinery. Experts also stressed that it is not enough to just do this, because packaging machinery is a product with fast application of high and new technology. Once there is a breakthrough in a certain technology, it is first applied in packaging machinery. Therefore, the fundamental way out is to actively speed up the application of high and new technology and improve the technical content

-- the packaging machinery market is increasingly monopolized. At present, in addition to the other production line of corrugated box packaging machine built in 2016 and some small packaging machines with certain scale and advantages, other packaging machines in China are hardly integrated, especially some complete packaging production lines with large demand in the market, such as liquid filling production lines, complete equipment for beverage packaging containers, sterile packaging production lines, cigarette packaging production lines, etc, It is monopolized by several large packaging machinery enterprises (groups) in the world packaging market

experts predict that as foreign enterprises enter the Chinese market, some uncompetitive domestic packaging machinery enterprises will be acquired, merged or bankrupt by foreign enterprises, and some packaging products will be monopolized by several large enterprises, and the scope of monopoly will gradually expand from cigarette and beverage packaging machinery products to other packaging machinery products

-- specialized production of packaging machinery parts. The international packaging industry attaches great importance to improving the general capability of packaging machinery and the whole packaging system. Therefore, the specialization of packaging machinery parts production is an inevitable trend. Many parts and components are no longer produced by packaging machinery factories, but are produced by some general standard parts factories, and some special parts and components are produced by highly specialized manufacturers. It is likely that these parts and components factories do not produce complete sets of packaging machinery equipment, and the truly famous packaging machinery factory may be an assembly factory, because many control parts or structural parts of packaging machinery are the same as general equipment, Can be borrowed. At present, the pattern of "small and complete" and "large and complete" in China's charter industry is very incompatible with the development trend of specialization. This unreasonable overall enterprise structure should be adjusted as soon as possible

-- towards multi-function and single high-speed polarization. The ultimate goal of packaging machinery is to improve productivity and product diversification after long-term development. This makes the product specification of packaging machinery develop towards the polarization direction, that is, multi-function and single high-speed. Some large enterprises, such as Coca Cola and PepsiCo, want to sell their products to all parts of the world. They require very high efficiency in packaging their products. They emphasize speed and quality, while replacing the packaging structure is secondary. With China's entry into w

to, such products and enterprises will become more and more popular in China. The multi-function is developed to adapt to the changing market demand. For example, candy has pillow type, triangle type (special shape) and conjoined

types. The packaging of these products is required to be completed on a set of packaging equipment, and the packaging of different structural forms can be completed only by slightly changing the local

control or operation

experts pointed out that in addition to the above development trends, various new packaging materials and technologies

will continue to be applied in the field of packaging machinery. At the same time, due to the protection of "tariff barriers" in the past,

many charter aircraft manufacturing enterprises in China are mainly faced with domestic competitors. The main method of competition is to fight a price war or make an issue of sales means. After joining WTO, various packaging machinery powers will appear in China's packaging market. Domestic enterprises that lose tariff protection will directly face foreign competitors, and the market competition will tend to be white hot. All these should be recognized by domestic packaging machinery enterprises. Experts emphasize that technological innovation is the eternal theme of the international market economy competition. The material characteristics are obtained at the right entry point of the market: after the indoor temperature of the model experiment is basically kept at 2025e, stepping up technological investment and technological innovation is the key problem that the domestic packaging machinery enterprises should first solve

(from China packaging daily) Chen Yi

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