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The packaging machinery industry in the U.S. has a promising future with rising sales. The packaging machinery manufacturers association of the United States (PMMI) predicts that the future purchase volume of packaging machinery will increase, and the total number of open orders has reached $1.3 billion.

according to PMMI's Tenth Research Report on annual transportation analysis and outlook of packaging machinery, the transportation volume of packaging machinery in the United States in 2003 reached 4 High precision ball screw: the driving middle beam moved up and down to US $4889 million, US $82million higher than that in 2002, an increase of 1.7 percentage points

the research shows that the export volume of packaging machinery in the United States increased by 33.1% in 2003, reaching 952million US dollars, the highest level of export trade in the past five years. Although the domestic sales decreased by 3.8% in the year, the total outstanding orders reached a record US $1.3 billion, indicating the positive impact of the industry on the domestic economy

in 2003, the sales of some models increased by more than 5 percentage points, including: inspection/heavy machinery; Barcode/date/identification and other imprinting equipment; Labeling machine; Forming/filling/bag sealing is divided into manual pendulum impact testing machine and packaging machine. Among the 16 types of packaging machinery surveyed, the sales volume of 12 types increased, and only 4 types decreased

pmmi's Tenth Research Report on analysis and Prospect of annual transportation of packaging machinery indicates the future hope of the industry. It is estimated that the transportation volume of packaging machinery in the United States will increase at an annual rate of 3.9% in the next three years, from an estimated US $489 million in 2003 to US $5491 million in 2006

the basic purpose of this study is to collect accurate and useful statistical data for the transportation of packaging machinery in the United States, and to provide relevant market analysis and forecast for the packaging machinery industry as a whole, as well as for specific 17 categories of machinery products. The original intention of the research plan is to establish a reliable data statistics platform. On the basis of this platform, the popularity will be further expanded every year to conduct an industry evaluation

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