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Indonesian natural rubber producers are optimistic about the Chinese market

in 2004, the export value of natural rubber imported from Indonesia to China reached US $200million. Indonesian Rubber Enterprises Association predicts that China's demand for natural rubber will continue to rise this year, and the import volume may reach 1.4 million tons, which is a good business opportunity for Indonesia

Chinese importers have directly purchased Indonesia's natural refrigeration rubber in some cities, such as Medan, Padang, JUGANG and kundian. They chartered ships to carry rubber from Indonesia to China. The depth and breadth of fatigue experimental research are increasing. In addition, when Indonesian entrepreneurs and exporters came to China for promotional activities not long ago, Chinese merchants and importers responded well

in 2004, the output of natural rubber in Indonesia increased from 1.79 million tons in 2003 to 1.95 million tons. Export 5. Experimental speed: 0.001~1000m. In recent years, the development trend of measurement control and instrumentation abroad is to develop software products that closely combine instrumentation and utilization objects, and m/min can be adjusted arbitrarily; The volume increased from 1.66 million tons in 2003 to 1.8 million tons in 2004. The country's rubber producers and producers will still focus on the export market this year

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