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The market supply of at least 10000 tons of Indonesian Rubber delayed shipment is insufficient

traders said that due to the lack of market supply due to weather factors affecting rubber production, at least 10000 tons of Indonesian Rubber delayed shipment, but the demand is strong, and the price of future rubber is expected to further strengthen

according to the comprehensive media on December 14, the trader said on Monday that the insufficient supply in Indonesia had delayed the shipment of at least 10000 tons of Indonesian Rubber, raising the possibility of further rising the price of Japanese rubber. Indonesia is the second largest rubber producer in the world after Thailand

in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, heavy rains and dry weather combined to damage the production of tire grade rubber, forcing processors to compete for raw materials. Last month, the shipment of 50000 tons of Thai rubber was delayed, because the local chest high flood made the rubber cutting impossible

a trader in Singapore said that the delayed shipment of MoSi2 alloyed with Al included shipments in recent months. They may have to make up for the supply gap from the open market. They may announce a default, but they may be sued by the buyer

other traders said that due to the interference of delivery, some buyers turned to Thai tire grade, which is called universal standard rubber str20, but they did not hear the report of the transaction of Thai grade rubber. The quotation of Thai rubber is usually higher than that of Indonesian tire grade standard rubber sir20

the price of tire grade standard rubber in Southeast Asia is at a historical high

another Singaporean businessman engaged in Indonesian rubber trade also said that there was a delay in delivery. And the number is quite large

officials of the Indonesian Rubber Association (gapkindo) said that they had not received reports from members of the association about the delay in shipment. The TOCOM benchmark may contract, the most actively traded contract, surged to a record level of around 396 yen per kilogram on Monday, as tight supply from producer countries stimulated buying and demand from China, a major consumer

the most actively traded may rubber futures contract on the Shanghai Futures Exchange rose by the daily limit on Monday, touching rmb35320 per ton, after Tokyo futures rose to a record high driven by persistent supply concerns

the preliminary data released by the total number of Chinese Customs on Friday showed that China's natural rubber imports in November were 180000 tons, an increase of 12.5% over the previous month, and the oil free outflow from the oil return pipe increased by 50% over the same period of the previous year, reflecting strong demand, because the car sales in the current month increased by 29% over the previous month, in the most widely used types of conventional plastic granulator equipment 3%。

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