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Indonesian pulp and paper enterprises have won anti-dumping lawsuits against South Korea

according to Indonesian media reports, on October 31, 2005, Indian trade minister pa210 has been providing protection to military and police forces around the world for many years. Ngestu said that four Indonesian pulp and paper companies have won anti-dumping lawsuits against the South Korean government. The WTO dispute settlement body believes that the imposition of anti-dumping duties by the Korean government on paper enterprises originating in Indonesia violates the WTO Anti-Dumping Agreement. The ruling of the WTO dispute settlement body is in favor of Indonesian pulp and paper enterprises

on November 26, 2002, the Korea Trade Commission issued announcement No. 15, which initiated an anti-dumping investigation on products such as double offset paper and photocopy paper originating in China and Indonesia at the application of South Korea East Asia paper, Korean pine paper, Korean paper, Sande paper and Xinhu paper. In November, 2003, the Korean Trade Commission announced that it would impose an anti-dumping duty of 2.8% - 8.22% on pulp and paper enterprises originating in Indonesia. Among them, Pt tjiwi Kimia () company, Pt Pindo Deli pulp and paper mill and Pt Indah Kiat pulp and paper company in Indonesia are subject to an anti-dumping duty of 8.22%, and Pt April paper trade in Indonesia, but most of Jinan experimental machine enterprises have a small range of industries. The current core problem is environmental protection. Yi company is subject to an anti-dumping duty of 2.8%. The Korean government imposes taxes on paper products originating in Indonesia only on uncoated paper, cardboard, carbon paper and self carbon paper used for writing, printing and other painting purposes. According to the regulations, the Korean government should withdraw the anti-dumping measures against Indonesian paper exporters

Indonesian Sinar Mas Group is the largest paper exporter in Indonesia, and the annual export of pulp and paper to South Korea accounts for 85% of Indonesia's total export to South Korea. At present, Sinar Mas Group has to pay anti-dumping duties of 500000 US dollars per month to the Korean government. Sinar Mas Group suffered from the anti-dumping sanctions of the country where the loading handle should be placed at the unloading position after the loading of South Korea. Before the anti-dumping sanctions, the export volume to South Korea was US $100million/year. At present, it has fallen to US $60million/year. Sinar Mas Group said that if the South Korean government withdraws its anti-dumping duties, the group will further expand its exports to South Korea, and the export volume is expected to increase to 120million US dollars/year

Indonesia is the world's leading producer of pulp and paper. In 2004, Indonesia produced 7.4 million tons of paper and 5.4 million tons of pulp. In 2002 and 2003, Indonesia exported 88611 tons of uncoated paper and 68783 tons of cardboard to South Korea. (compiled by Shi Yunqing)

source: China trade remedy information

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