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Indorama starts to build the first spandex production plant in India

the first spandex production plant built by indorama Industry Co., Ltd. in India will start production from February to March 2012

mr. Shalendra Vasudeva, general manager (Marketing) of indorama Industries Co., Ltd., said that the first spandex plant in India will start production from February to March 2012, and the plant will be built in baddi area of Himachal Pradesh state

the total capacity of spandex facilities will be 15000 tons/year, and the capacity will be realized in three stages. The initial production capacity was 5000 tons in 2012, and another 5000 tons will be added in 2013

sudeva said that so far, India's Spandex imports have come from Vietnam, China, South Korea and Taiwan. Domestic production will enable the textile industry to use domestic spandex, thereby winning time and improving competitiveness

at present, the market scale of spandex in India is 6000 tons/year, which is particularly suitable for testing instruments to control product quality on production lines

indorama and its low odor attribute can maintain good air in the narrow car body. Its brand logo will be launched in New Delhi in February 2012

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