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This "industry 4.0" intelligent chemical plant stunned the world

this "industry 4.0" intelligent chemical plant stunned the world

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the first full process "industry 4.0" intelligent chemical plant in the global tire industry has subverted people's traditional thinking and opened up a precedent for the full process intelligence of the tire industry. International authorities and experts visited the factory one after another and gave a thumbs up. This is also the only open tire factory in the global tire industry. Today, China tire business takes you to find out -

in people's impression, the tire factory is a hot, dirty and smelly place. In this factory, technicians wear white coats like professors in the laboratory. The ground is like an early electronic tensile machine with pointers and chart recorders. Like a mirror, you can see the ceiling and hardly smell the smell of rubber. The whole factory is like a garden. If you don't go into the workshop, no one knows that this is a tire factory

this smart chemical plant as beautiful as a garden stunned the world

can you see the ceiling on the ground because it is clean and disobedient

entering the workshop is like entering the science fiction scene:

shuttling back and forth, Ruyan is showing the latest scientific research achievements and products in the field of new materials for the world Top technology and solutions at the same time, AGV intelligent car

intelligent joint robot with infinite force

intelligent molding machine with efficiency improved by more than 50%

intelligent truss robot makes tire transportation no longer push by hand

highly intelligent vulcanizing machine

intelligent X-ray detector like a golden eye

the world's first intelligent three-dimensional warehouse of commercial vehicle tires

all this benefits from the enterprise's original MEP intelligent platform, It can intelligently match all kinds of objects, people, equipment and locations, including granular raw materials (or liquids), and become an ecosystem commanded by users, data-driven and software running. What's more surprising is that 80% of the equipment on the production line is designed and produced by enterprises themselves, and 9 of the 11 kinds of robots that "endure humiliation" are also designed and produced by enterprises themselves. The artificial efficiency has been increased by nearly 3 times, and the defect rate has been reduced by more than 80%. The products have achieved "high height", and the enterprises have changed from "sweat type" to "smart type", which has made the world look at China's intelligent manufacturing with new eyes

in 2016, this amazing tire factory was born in Dongjiakou Economic Zone in Qingdao, China. Her name is "double star", and she is known as "the leader of intelligent tire manufacturing in China"

Jinan experimental machine control computer has a communication interface with the upper computer (using tcp/ip protocol)

CCTV, Xinhua news agency and other mainstream media have sent on-site research, and made many special reports on "LianBo" and other programs. Double star tire was rated as "the first brand of tire in China" by the "world product interface mild brand laboratory" chaired by Professor Robert Mundell, the Nobel Prize winner in economics. In the past five years, Shuangxing has become the only enterprise that has been awarded the pilot demonstration of the whole industrial chain of "brand cultivation", "technological innovation", "quality benchmark", "intelligent manufacturing", "green manufacturing", "green products", "green supply chain" and "service transformation" by the Ministry of industry and information technology

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