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Indonesian rubber is higher than Thai and Malaysian grade premium default concerns emerge

due to limited supply, Indonesian Rubber (27065, -1155.00, -4.09%) has a higher turnover price than Thai and Malaysian Rubber, but Chinese buyers require Southeast Asian shippers to delay the delivery of up to 7000 tons of rubber, and market default concerns emerge

according to the comprehensive media on October 31, traders said on Friday that due to limited supply, the exchange price of Indonesian rubber was higher than that of Thailand and Malaysia, but after the delivery of several Chinese ships was delayed, the fear of default lingered on the spot market

Chinese buyers asked Southeast Asian shippers to delay the delivery of up to 7000 tons of rubber, because the inventory of Qingdao Bonded Warehouse in China exceeded 200000 tons. p>

although the delay in delivery affects Thai and Malaysian grade rubber, many sellers of Indonesian sir20 tire grade rubber hold their inventory due to the supply shortage in Sumatra, the main planting area. In December, Sir2 formed a complete product service system. Grade 0 rubber was reported at 4.0 per kilogram - different materials require different fixtures at $4.05

a trader in Medan said, "the supply of raw materials in North Sumatra province is tight, but I think it is no longer a winter related problem. We have entered the rainy season, which will last until December."

however, in some parts of southern Sumatra, it is the winter dry season, so the delivery delay is less, and the price of sir20 is higher than that of RSS3 grade rubber in Thailand for the first time in several years

during winter, the yield of rubber trees decreases, and rainfall will also interrupt rubber cutting

a trader in Singapore said, "so far, a small number of shipments have been delayed, but there is no need to worry, because there is a large amount of rubber in Thailand. Thai rubber is affected by the delivery delay of Chinese buyers."

on Thursday, the price of RSS3 rubber was $3.95 per kilogram, while the price of SMR20 grade rubber was $3.96 per ton

traders said that Thailand, the largest rubber producing country, is in abundant supply because the country's worst flood in 50 years did not affect the southern region where factories, plantations and trading companies are concentrated

the Ministry of agriculture of Thailand predicts that the rubber production may be maintained at 3.2 million tons

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