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Zhengzhou indoor air exceeds the standard by more than 8 times 95% formaldehyde for 6 consecutive years

Zhengzhou indoor air exceeds the standard by more than 8 times 95% formaldehyde for 6 consecutive years

January 4, 2012

[China paint information] the teratogenic and carcinogenic pollutant "formaldehyde" has been lurking in residents' homes

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after new year's day, the indoor environment testing center of Zhengzhou Environmental Protection Industry Association released a test report: in 2011, The over standard rate of indoor air sampling in Zhengzhou is 96.92%, while the over standard rate of indoor environment in Zhengzhou has exceeded 95% for six consecutive years. The teratogenic and carcinogenic pollutant "formaldehyde" is hidden in residents' homes

spot check throughout the year

1656 rooms, only 51 of which reached the standard

"it's really spending money to find a disease for yourself!" On the eve of new year's day, Ms. Li, who lives in a community in Zhengdong New Area, received her "indoor air detection report". The data showed that the formaldehyde content in her home exceeded the standard by 2.9 times, which was a moderate pollution. "I have been coughing for half a month, and my husband said I was pneumonia, and I dare say it was formaldehyde"

from January to December 28, 2011, Zhengzhou indoor environment testing center tested a total of 1656 rooms (one room is a testing point) in the city's households and institutions, schools, kindergartens, entertainment places, etc., and spot checked the contents of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and TVOC in the air. "According to the regulations, if one of the four data is unqualified, even if it exceeds the standard, a total of 1605 detection points in 1656 rooms exceed the standard, with a total exceeding rate of 96.92%." Liu Jinzhong, director of the center, said

the government's excessive dependence on real estate puts the entire real economy in a dilemma. Formaldehyde pollution

the highest is 8.7 times higher than the normal value

over the past year, the pollution source that generally exceeds the standard in residents' homes is still formaldehyde. "The households that exceed the standard most are times moderately polluted households, with 967 detection points, accounting for 58.39% of the total. Those that exceed the standard less than 2 times, and 502 detection points with mild pollution, accounting for 30.31% of the total. Those with more than 5 times the height and serious pollution, 136 detection points, accounting for 8.21% of the total." Worryingly, the formaldehyde content of the families with the highest standard exceeded the normal value by 8.7 times

"formaldehyde is a protoplasmic poison that destroys biological cell proteins, which will cause damage to human skin, respiratory tract and internal organs, anesthetize human central nervous system, and cause pulmonary edema, liver coma, kidney failure, etc. The World Health Organization has confirmed that it is a teratogenic and carcinogenic substance, and long-term exposure will lead to gene mutation." Director Liu said that the formaldehyde in residents' homes mainly comes from plywood, fiberboard, particleboard and other wood-based panels in furniture, as well as urea formaldehyde resin containing formaldehyde, various paints and coatings. "If the pollutants in the home exceed the standard times, it is not suitable to move in. If the pollutants exceed the standard times, you should move in carefully, especially for families with children, pregnant women and the elderly." He said

the over standard rate of indoor air sampling has exceeded 95% for six consecutive years.

the testing center has carried out annual indoor air sampling and testing in urban areas from 2006 to 2010. The over standard rates in these five years are 96.28%, 97.87%, 97.32%, 96.94% and 98.14% respectively. In 2011, the over standard rate of indoor air sampling and testing was 96.92%. Based on the testing data of these six years, it can be seen that the over standard rate of Zhengzhou indoor environment has exceeded 95% for six consecutive years.

"Citizens should strengthen their awareness of self-defense in their daily life." Liu Jinzhong said, "According to the sampling results of Zhengzhou city throughout the year, the testing period spans four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the decoration style, materials and furniture of each household are very different. Most of the households that meet the standard or have slight pollution are simply decorated with floor tiles, painted with wall coatings, and used old furniture. Most of the households with serious pollution are paved with composite wood floors, pasted wallpaper, made closets, or used hardbound density board furniture."

two reminders

check for physical discomfort before moving to a new house. At present, many domestic lithium battery products are still difficult to meet the needs of the popularization of new energy vehicles in terms of performance, quality and cost. Quick check

the Spring Festival is coming, and it is the peak period of moving to a new house. This newspaper reminds you here: 1 Before the newly decorated house moves into the furniture, don't judge whether it meets the standard by smell, and don't go beyond it without authorization. This is because PLA plastic has the characteristic of becoming brittle in the environment of (2) 0 to (4) 0 ℃. When purchasing decontamination products in the city, the money can't achieve the decontamination effect, but it will cause economic waste. Formal testing institutions should be invited to conduct indoor air quality testing to determine whether it poses a hazard to the human body before deciding to relocate. 2. If you have symptoms such as throat discomfort, dizziness, astringent eyes, cough, sneezing, chest tightness, skin allergy and so on, you should go to the hospital in time

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