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Nail free adhesives for large and heavy cartons are on the market

the packaging of products directly affects the quality image of products rather than the cold feeling of metals. With the greater circulation of import and export goods, since the 1980s, all developed countries have adopted nail free cartons to package goods and goods, so as to protect the appearance and contents of goods from being scratched by nails, and effectively avoid the misunderstanding of shelf life caused by iron nail corrosion. Nowadays, it is urgent to produce nailless cartons by using adhesive energy and considering a variety of experimental prescriptions. In order to meet the requirements of environmental protection and export, Jiangsu Tianyuan Chemical Company developed and developed the water-based polymer td-908 (manual) nailless carton adhesive. Its performance and indicators are better than those of imported and the same type of adhesive and white latex. The drop test and empty box pressure of the bonded carton are much higher than those of the nailed carton, which is 10% to 20% higher than that of the nailed carton. Its unique water-resistant and moisture-resistant characteristics are combined with water-resistant reinforced corrugated boxes, which are completely suitable for storage and transportation in long-term, cold storage, high temperature and high humidity environments. The adhesive is non-toxic, non combustible, but after drying, it is a transparent film, which does not stain the printing on the surface of the carton, does not pollute the environment, and does not corrode the equipment. Tools, equipment, and pipelines can be washed with water, and the storage period (5-250 C) can reach more than 2 years. This product is suitable for 3-9 layers of large and heavy cartons. Using it is conducive to environmental protection and resource recycling

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