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Large diameter HDPE technology and equipment

our institute has developed and produced a green and environment-friendly high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe production line according to the market demand. Compared with traditional cement pipes and cast iron pipes, it not only has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance and long service life, but also is convenient for construction. It can be widely used in large-scale water conveyance, water supply, drainage, sewage discharge, subway and mine ventilation and farmland irrigation. It can replace traditional products and has strong market competitiveness. The production line adopts SJ series high-speed and high-efficiency single screw extruder, which has a high degree of automation and stable and reliable production. In addition to HDPE, it is also suitable for the high-speed extrusion of PP-R, pp-h and ABS pipes. The existing SJ production lines, such as train wheel and rail g-355 and sjg-630, can produce HDPE pipes with a diameter of experimental equipment respectively, which should be able to meet the requirements of wire rod winding with mandrel of 355mm and 630mm below

the characteristics of this production line are:

a new type of high-speed and high-efficiency extruder is adopted, of which sjg-355 unit adopts D90 × 30 single screw extruder, the output can reach 400kg/h

PLC programmable controller is adopted to realize a high degree of automation in the setting, linkage, joint control, and sales of the whole production line

advanced meter weight control system is adopted to ensure uniform extrusion of pipes and save more than 2% of raw materials

equipped with eccentric wall thickness measurement system, the upper system of the electric box of the universal experimental machine base, which provides more reliable quality assurance and production benefits for pipe production; The basket extruder head is suitable for the extrusion of a variety of materials. Compared with other traditional die heads, it has low mechanism pressure and can ensure the extrusion of high-speed carton compressive strength testing formula at a low melt temperature, with remarkable energy-saving effect

provide a full set of technical software and be responsible for training operators and technicians

cooperation mode: transfer, cooperative production and other forms

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