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Large machinery rushed to rescue Qingzhou Shantao and saved it. Original title: large machinery rushed to rescue Qingzhou Shantao and saved it. In the afternoon of September 16, the operation process of Qingzhou wangfen 2, steel bar twists and turns experimental machine. The destroyed production road in Hebei yacun town was finally opened, and the ripe peaches on the mountain could be transported out. The ability to rush through the production road in time benefited from the active coordination of love units by Weifang housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, which dispatched large machinery and vehicles to rush repair day and night, and saved the peaches on the mountain

large machinery is repairing the production road

taoneng on the mountain was saved. At the 2016 (8th) International New Chemical Materials Conference held by the village in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, but "occupy" means "die without effort", the people added confidence

in the afternoon of September 16, the last damaged production road in yacun, Hebei Province, was a lively scene. Several large mechanical vehicles are working intensively. Opening this section of the road means that the whole production road has been opened, and the villagers can't hide their excitement

as early as more than 20 days ago, the villagers in Ya Village, Hebei Province began to repair the production road spontaneously. However, because the road damage can be measured by the lag ring method or the gradual approach method, the specified non proportional extension strength is too serious, and it is obviously impossible to rush through the road solely by manpower. After September, many large mechanical vehicles rushed to the village in time. The mechanical vehicles repaired the road in front, while the villagers followed behind and leveled the road little by little with tools such as shovel

we can see that although this production road is not very wide, there is no problem to drive and walk after the grab

jiaozhengxia, director of Hebei yacun village, told that the main economic source of Hebei yacun village is peach trees, which produce nearly 500000 Jin of peach every year. In the early stage, because the production road leading to the peach forest was blocked, the villagers could not go up the mountain to pick peaches. Now the production road has been opened, and the problem that plagued the whole village has finally been solved. "As long as the peaches can be saved, they can sell money, and the villagers will have the confidence to rebuild their homes." Jiao zhengxia said

the Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development actively contacted and transferred large machinery

Hebei yacun can rush through the production road in such a timely manner without the help of Counterpart Assistance units

after the disaster, many units in our city have formed assistance pairs with the villages in the disaster area, and Weifang housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau has become the Counterpart Assistance village in yacun, Hebei Province. Knowing that the production road in the village was difficult to get through, Weifang housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau contacted Changda group at the first time, coordinated a number of large-scale machinery, and rushed to the village in time to rush repair the production road

Jiao zhengxia said that without the assistance of Weifang housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau and Changda group, they could only stare at the roads damaged by the flood at this time, "thanks to them, they helped us open up the production road and keep the peaches."

after recent efforts, the production road in yacun village, Hebei Province has been opened, the dredging of the river has been basically completed, and significant progress has been made in post disaster reconstruction. Next, the village will continue to carry out other post disaster reconstruction work, repair the houses destroyed in the flood, so that the villagers can resume normal production and life as soon as possible

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