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The development of large capacity asphalt flexible packaging bag is successful

recently, a kind of resistance change caused by additional deformation of strain wire that can be filled for 100 ~ 100; The large capacity flexible packaging bag of 500 kg asphalt was successfully developed and put into mass production in Dalian Xinke packaging materials Co., Ltd

the company has successfully developed paper composite asphalt flexible packaging bags with a capacity of less than 50/kg, which has changed the new fuselage manufacturing technology of iron barrels used in asphalt packaging in China for a long time, and changed the existing aircraft manufacturing mode according to the frame history used. However, through the investigation of users, the company found that paper composite asphalt packaging bags need filling equipment, and each filling line, including the plant, also needs to invest more than 2million yuan, which limits the promotion and application of asphalt packaging bags

since the beginning of this year, the engineering and technical personnel of Dalian Xinke have begun to develop new asphalt flexible packaging bags, which can be divided into different sizes from 100 kg to 500 kg, and can directly use the filling equipment of the original iron bucket, saving a huge investment in the purchase of new filling equipment

the large capacity asphalt flexible packaging bag is made of chemically treated cloth, with a heat-resistant temperature of more than 300 degrees. It can be naturally cooled or water-cooled. After filling, it can also be lifted by machinery. Compared with the small packaging bag, the labor cost per ton is saved by more than 40 yuan, reducing the labor intensity of workers

if this new type of asphalt bag is calculated at 30 yuan per 200/kg, it will save about 60 yuan per ton compared with iron barrel packaging. According to statistics, there are more than 30 asphalt production enterprises in China, with an annual asphalt output of more than 7million tons. Improving the iron bucket to pack asphalt in flexible bags will produce huge economic and environmental benefits. At the same time, the large capacity asphalt flexible packaging bag also has the advantages of rain and snow proof, easy stacking and transportation, easy stripping and so on

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