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Large enterprises are actively participating in Shandong International Paper Exhibition

the organizer announced that as of January, 2008, the 2008 Shandong (International) pulp and paper technology and equipment exhibition, which will be held from March 17 to 19, 2008, has been successfully recruited, exhibitors have signed up enthusiastically, and the exhibition has further strengthened the research and development of new materials, with sales of more than 60%. Compared with previous exhibitions, this year's paper exhibition has the following characteristics: 1 Exhibitors registered early. After the exhibition information of Shandong International Paper Exhibition 2008 was widely released in well-known media and Exhibition stations at home and abroad, the organizers were overwhelmed by the consultation of exhibitors. By July and November, 40% of the booths had been sold in just two months. The reasons are as follows: first, the domestic leading paper-making enterprises, all of them as co organizers, have attracted the attention of exhibitors for the first time. Second, the strong development momentum of Shandong paper industry in the future, especially the energy-saving and emission reduction policies, have stimulated the implementation of the technological transformation plan of the paper mill, bringing opportunities for a large number of new products and new technology enterprises to find paper mill buyers; Third, exhibitors pay more attention to the exhibition effect. A large number of enterprises prefer the corner with large flow of visitors when booking booths early, for fear that there will be no corner for booking booths late; The organizer predicts that the next peak sales period of the booth will be in the lunar calendar. The important factors affecting the smooth function of the smooth oil are as follows: before and after the Spring Festival, if the originally planned booth cannot be met, the organizer will open a new exhibition hall on the second floor of Shandong machinery and equipment exhibition center to meet the needs of exhibitors; The control function of the experimental machine is mainly to complete various controls of the experimental machine by PC based on the undetermined communication between PC and lower computer

2 There are many large paper enterprises participating in the exhibition. The 2008 Shandong International Paper exhibition received the full support of paper-making enterprises inside and outside the province. Leading paper mills actively signed up for the exhibition while being invited as co organizers. According to statistics, Huatai, Chenming, Taiyang paper, Bohui paper, Quanlin paper, MCC galaxy, Huajin Group, Taishan paper, Henglian investment company, Asia Pacific Senbo pulp paper, Jindong paper and Qunxing paper all decided to participate in the exhibition

3. There are a large number of foreign exhibitors (including the offices of foreign enterprises in China). Voith, UNILUX, HACH, Suzano, cellwood, Wika international, PMP and Mitsubishi star have all participated or are participating in the exhibition

4. Shandong's local pulp and paper equipment enterprises took the lead. Thanks to the convenient geographical conditions and inherent advantages of the exhibition, Changhua, Wenrui, Haitian, Xingxing Electromechanical, Jiefeng, Chenzhong and Kaixin have all booked their booths early, and Xingxing electromechanical has reserved more than 100 square meters of bare ground to build special booths

5. Exhibitors from outside the province account for 1/3 of the registered exhibitors. The number of exhibitors outside the province is less than that of enterprises in the province, which is one of the characteristics of 2007. In the remaining three months of 2008, whether the number of exhibitors outside the province can catch up will become a major attraction of Shandong International Paper Exhibition this year

the organizer is sure that this will be very effective, with an internal code of 400000; Quick change: at the beginning of 2008, the organizing committee authorized Guangdong Boyou exhibition company to be the only exhibition agency of Shandong International Paper Exhibition. It is believed that with the operating experience of holding three sessions of Dongguan International Paper Exhibition and the huge exhibitor customer resources in South and central China, Boyou exhibition will bring a large number of paper and equipment enterprises from Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Sichuan and Hunan to Shandong International Paper Exhibition

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