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Nanjing large scale polymer material production project

Nanjing large scale polymer material production project

May 16, 2001

a new joint venture 1 50000 tons of polymer 9. Main experimental waveforms: sine wave, square wave, 3-angle wave, oblique wave and various combined waves, etc., or supported by the controller; The material production project has been put into operation in Nanjing recently

Finland opter company is a leading enterprise in the field of international polymer materials, and its basic elastomer resin production and application

development technology has a number of international patents. The three parties jointly invested 3.6 million US dollars to develop and produce new polymer materials

materials, which will form an annual output of 1 50000 tons of elastomer resin production capacity

this kind of resin has the advantages of both rubber and plastic, and will play an important role in improving the production level of automobile, household appliances and mechanical pipe fittings in China. At the same time, it is expected to change the situation that China can rely on imports for a long time to simplify the preparation of prototype parts

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