The hottest large diameter plastic buried pipe

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Qingdao heyifa Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. has researched and developed a production line of large-diameter high-density polyethylene winding pipe with a diameter of 200mm ~ 1200mm on the basis of introducing and absorbing the technology of similar products in Germany and South Korea

plastic buried pipes can be divided into solid wall pipes and structural wall pipes. Due to the high density and high cost of solid wall pipe, it is rarely used. Structural wall tubes can be divided into two categories: directly extruded tubes and wound fusion tubes. The former is to extrude the plastic into a tube after melting, and then form it continuously by the forming machine. Its characteristics are good integrity and high production efficiency, but the equipment investment is large, the pipe cost is high, and the maximum diameter of the produced pipe shall not exceed 2 meters; The latter is to melt the plastic and then extrude it to produce multiple profiles that form the structural wall, and then wind it on a cylindrical mold to form pipes through the fusion between profiles. It is characterized by low cost and can produce large-diameter pipes, but the production efficiency is low

the large-diameter hollow wall winding pipe produced by the production line of Qingdao heyifa Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. 882.6 can be widely used in municipal drainage, irrigation, oil and gas transportation, corrosion-resistant pipeline systems, etc

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