On the paper selection of different printers

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Talking about the paper selection of different printers

such as laser printer, the hot melter used by it can accurately bond the dry toner particles to the paper. Laser printing paper is specially designed to withstand high temperature. The use of inkjet printing paper not designed for the use of this technology may damage the printer. Inkjet printers spray tiny amounts of ink onto paper to create images and text. Laser printing paper is not easy to absorb ink, which may cause page stains

few people have considered the role of paper in the printing process. In fact, paper has a significant impact on the printing effect. In order to obtain the best printing effect, the printer must use the correct printer driver and carton settings

if you don't know which kind of paper is best for your printing task? Here are some important features of paper to help you make better purchase decisions

weight: some papers are very light (such as paper), and some are very heavy (such as cards). The weight of standard commercial paper is usually about 80 GSM (grams/square meter). The weight of greeting card and cover paper is usually three times that of it

thickness: the thickness of paper affects its processing characteristics, especially photo paper. Usually, the thicker the paper, the harder it is, and the more resistant it is to crease and tear. Thickness is usually measured in millimeters

2. Test brightness of sample breaking and shutdown: brightness refers to the reflection amount of light on the paper surface. The greater the reflection of light, the stronger the brightness. In this way, you can get clear text and vivid images and color photos against a better background

opacity: opacity refers to the light blocking property of paper. The better the light blocking property of the paper, the worse the perspective of the back text. Opacity is very important when purchasing paper for manuals, newspapers, calendars, and other double-sided printing materials

polishing vigorously develop plastic granulator technology that utilizes renewable energy and industrial waste heat: polishing is becoming more and more precise. Whether the polishing degree is appropriate will determine the appearance effect of the printing material. For example, many people choose specular highlight polishing for color photos and frosting polishing for black-and-white photos

scoring: the scoring line is convenient for folding greeting cards and manuals. It is used for the products with microcomputer control, unified experimental process, professional appearance and large range of force values

smoothness: smoothness affects the display effect of page text and image. The smoother the paper is polished, the clearer the image is displayed

the paper specially designed for laser printer has high smoothness. The carbon powder is hot melted on the page to make the text clearer, while the ink-jet printing paper does not need the same smoothness for ink dripping. The special photo paper is smooth and bright, and the surface image is clear and bright

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