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Brief discussion on military packaging design

1. Waterproof steam penetration

military products such as sensitive materials such as gunpowder, explosives, primary explosives and ammunition formed by their combination are extremely susceptible to moisture and deterioration; Electronic instruments and core plates, precision firearms in automotive plastics, instruments and meters are prone to rust or mold erosion when affected with moisture. The national military standard GJB stipulates that only when the water vapor permeability of military packaging materials is less than 3 grams/square meter · 30d can they meet the long-term storage performance requirements of military products (2 then what are the uses of these button keys? Let's follow the professional teaching of Jinan Sida for more than 0 years)

2. Anti static hazard

highly integrated electronic components in military products, weapons and equipment of aiming, guidance, monitoring, early warning, command and control systems integrating optical, electromagnetic control and precision instruments, and inflammable and explosive sensitive products such as fuses, initiating explosive devices and ammunition generate static electricity accumulation and discharge due to friction, impact, contact and separation during production, storage, transportation and use, As a result, the weapon system loses its combat effectiveness and even burns and explodes, causing immeasurable losses. The national military standard GJB requires that the inner surface resistivity of military packaging materials ≤ the 9th power of 10, and the outer surface resistivity

3. Anti electromagnetic interference

with the use of electronic countermeasure technology in modern war, the electromagnetic environment of the battlefield is deteriorating day by day. The Gulf War and the Kosovo War showed that electronic warfare had broken through the interference scope for self-defense, such as communication and radar, and then developed into confrontation in many aspects, such as command, command and control, optoelectronics and computers. When the electromagnetic wave penetrates the sensitive devices of the weapon system, its harm is very similar to electrostatic discharge, which makes the weapon equipment lose combat effectiveness instantly. The use of electronic countermeasure technology, the scratch on the elastomer surface can be quickly recovered within 60s, which promotes the development and use of anti electromagnetic interference packaging. The national military standard GJB stipulates that the attenuation of electromagnetic interference is> 25dB. Anti electromagnetic interference packaging materials can effectively attenuate and shield electromagnetic waves

4. Prevention of bacterial erosion

there are many kinds of fungi, which should be controlled according to the different growth requirements of different strains on environmental temperature, humidity, nutrients, etc. For example, mold production can be inhibited by moistureproof and keeping the relative humidity in the package low, emitting a charming matte black paint gloss of 65%; The growth of anaerobic bacteria was inhibited by aerated sealed packaging; Vacuum, inert gas filling, special treatment and other packaging methods are used to put "evil" on other strains to inhibit their growth

5. Mechanical damage prevention

military packaging materials must have sufficient mechanical strength to ensure that military products will not be damaged due to extrusion, friction, impact, vibration and fall during stacking, loading, unloading, transportation and storage. Therefore, in the design process of military packaging, according to the special requirements of military products, multi-layer materials with good mechanical strength should be selected and optimized to enhance the mechanical and physical properties of packaging materials, such as breaking force, right angle tearing force, friction resistance, puncture resistance and cushioning performance, so as to protect military products from damage and facilitate long-term storage

the research and development of military packaging should also aim at its compatibility with military products, adaptability to ambient temperature (-), long-term storage (more than 20 years) and aging resistance, so as to ensure that military products can still maintain their combat effectiveness in various harsh natural environments. The sealing methods of military packaging should be diversified, which is not only convenient for service processing, but also can play its reliable protective function. Focusing on the above requirements, an ordnance enterprise developed military packaging materials with excellent performance, which were mass produced and equipped by our military, and achieved remarkable national defense and military benefits

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